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I especially like the delicous eating ones but they all seem very excellent, do-able and great things to aim for.

... except I don't like chemically sunscreen. But that's a rant you probably wouldn't appreciate here :)


i COMPLETELY agree with you, except too many people around me are showing up with pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. it's a bit scary!

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This is really the great way you discuss this kind of topic. Good job.


oh, i'd happily do all of that. i wonder, how did you come to know finnish cardamom bread? this is my childhood all over, my grandmother would bake pulla to have with coffee, gorgeous stuff with raisins all through it. x


i was a nanny in helsinki when i was 18, and crave all kinds of deliciousness from those days: pulla, herring and potatoes, liver casserole, karelian pies...


amazing! i've not been back as an adult. i want to learn to make piirakka. they were awfully skilled with fish, too, my finnish grandparents. xx

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