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I haven't used starch, but there's a re-positionable spray adhesive that you can get at Michael's that will work to temporarily hang wallpaper. I've used it for smaller sections, not a full wall, but it works really well! http://www.michaels.com/aleene%27s-repositionable-tacky-spray/gc1872,default,pd.html?cgid=products-generalcrafts-glueandadhesives&start=6

You could also use painters tape on the wall, then double sided tape between the painter's tape and wallpaper. I did that for an accent wall in my dining room. Took forever and I had to reposition things a few times, but it also works!


wow, brilliant, i'd love to put up wallpaper temporarily somewhere in our little cottage. this paper is stunning. i think i wore a dress not unlike it about 30 years ago x

Wall Clings Marie

That wall paper is crazy! It's like eyecandy except in the highest doses.And yes I do want to know how to use starch for temporarily hanging paper too.

Bespoke Products

Stunning! What a gorgeous corner! And that barcart is truly fabulous.

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